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Modern Samurai Project's teaching style and technique was straight to the point with no room for range theatrics that we see so much today.

Day one started with the core fundamentals on carrying AIWB. Briefly going over stance/platform, and binding being significantly covered. He changes the way you think about grip and how you will utilize each and every finger. Moving into why we have chosen to carry AIWB, Jedlinski only solidifies the reasoning behind why this is the fastest method to carrying concealed.

Everything is taken into consideration: Clothing, Holster, Belt, Pistol Setup…GEAR MATTERS! This class is all about efficiency and speed, where to keep it fast and when to slow down. Where you are stronger, you are faster! These skills are taught through its entirety, to include: the draw stroke, setup (pre-violence indicators), and presentation. Specific drills are designed to master those skills and push the limits on your speed while being able to self-diagnose.

The second day of training was what I looked forward to the most, Red Dot on a pistol! Thorough discussions started with what red dots are superior and mounting methods to include the usage of iron sights with your red dot. After confirmed zero, we hammered drills while focusing on what everyone struggles with: the ability to pick up your red dot quickly and keep it on target, whether it is multiple rounds or transitioning to multiple threats. Dot tracking becomes like second nature with all the information that is put out. Movement drills are drilled to finally build up to a mimic USPSA style stage to put all skills to test.

Scott Jedlinski’s 2-day class is EASILY at top 3 of any firearm instruction I have ever received in or outside of the military. AIWB and Red Dot are two things that have always been self-taught. To finally receive instruction from this level of proficiency was excellent and beyond what I ever thought I would walk away with. Scott has an exceptional way to relate everything to BJJ and how the centerline of the human body plays such a vital role in AIWB.

Donovan Moore, NAVY SOF/EOD, Head Instructor - Point 1 Tactics

I made two goals this year. To work on my speed, and to explore the red dot. When I found out Scott Jedlinski was coming to Atlanta, I knew it was a perfect time to take his course. This class focuses on learning to use carry optics, additionally, how a shooter can improve their fundamentals using a competitive methodology and metrics.

The curriculum focuses on shooters that have achieved basic proficiency with firearms and wish to improve to the next level of skill whether defensive or competitive. What truly makes this class stand out is not just the technical skills, but Jedi’s coaching. Every shooter gets coaching and individual attention. All the drills are broken down into micro drills, in addition each student is checked for proper performance. Honest corrections are offered, and so is praise when earned. There is no doubt Jedi wants you to improve. His endless enthusiasm for progress is infectious. I watched 13 shooters improve in a quantifiable manner. Everyone’s limitations were stretched, creating an environment of dynamic growth. Explain, demonstrate, drill, correct or affirm, then test the skill with each evolution building upon the previous exercise. Jedi enjoys teaching and connecting with his clients, which creates a teamwork environment. Many times when a shooter overcame a limitation, the class would spontaneously applaud and offer encouragement.

I have personally had quite a few coaches in my life, and I classify the good ones in these three categories:

Technical/analytical – this type has the ability to observe and break down the execution of skills, developing a comprehensive approach to performance.Empathic/intuitive – this style seems to be able to see through your eyes, understanding the performance and offering a sound logical and/or emotional framework for improvement.Leader/motivator – this style makes you want to perform with a desire to not let the coach and/or the team down.

All three are important, serving the client well at different points of training, but the one to look for is the coach that has all three traits. Jedi displayed all three of these traits while teaching, which profoundly influences the clients’ ability to learn. One of the shooters in class wants to earn a turbo pin (Gabe White’s performance goals). Jedi took him aside during a break to work with him one on one, so he can achieve his goal. That is a deep level of commitment to the client, unfortunately somewhat rare in classes. Another contributing factor is Jedi is a martial artist, training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In my opinion, I think the martial arts coach faces a different set of challenges in the force on force environment, and it may lead to a better connection to their athletes and helping them achieve success.

If you’re interested in red dots and/or competition, I highly recommend this class. As a coach, I need to know how to use a red dot and how to solve problems for my clients. My goal was achieved, in addition, I definitely made progress as a shooter and a coach.

Great fellow shooters, excellent coaching, and discernible progress is what you get with this class. Thank you to our host Jason Fobart, who did a great job organizing this event. Check this class out, and get ready to improve!

Brian Hill - The Complete Combatant

I have trained with many great instructors over the past 15 years and I’ll put Scott up there with the best of them. I initially went to him to learn the red dot. He certainly did that but more importantly improved my abilities as a shooter overall. I can’t recommend him enough.

I will also mention that he has gone above and beyond to help support those on the front lines. Bring him in to get your department set up for success.

David Quinn, SGT Pentagon ERT

This was an excellent class. What made it both unique and extremely valuable was Scott’s take on how to teach everything. He’s a life-long martial artist, and treats shooting the same way. He’s very in tune with the nuances and subtleties that make technique effective and efficient. Scott’s teaching style is both disarmingly affable and highly informative. He has obviously put a great amount of thought and research into his shooting and it shows, both in his performance and his instruction. I would recommend this class to any pistol shooter. He is definitely an SME on both shooting with pistol mounted RDS and running from concealment with an AIWB rig. Even if you normally shoot irons like I do, borrow a dot gun and take the class. Your iron sight shooting will improve from the experience. And if you want to learn to shoot accurately AND fast with a RDS pistol, this class will drastically shorten the learning curve.

Matthew Little, Green Beret, Chicago PD SWAT