SPECIAL JOINT CLASS! 3-Day RDS Performance Pistol with Modern Samurai Project and Point 1 Tactics / Lebanon, IN / August 19-21, 2024

SPECIAL JOINT CLASS! 3-Day RDS Performance Pistol with Modern Samurai Project and Point 1 Tactics / Lebanon, IN / August 19-21, 2024

Scott "Jedi" Jedlinski & Donovan Moore

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Day 1, Jedi will delve into the following key areas of focus:
- Thorough exploration of zeroing methods at both 10 and 25 yards, ensuring precision and accuracy.
- Comprehensive examination of body mechanics, encompassing stance, arm extension, and grip, all of which play a pivotal role in effective recoil control.
- In-depth analysis of draw techniques, enabling consistent acquisition of the dot while striking a delicate balance between speed and accuracy.
- Seamless transition from coarse to refined sight pictures at close distances of 3 yards and closer, refining your ability to engage targets swiftly and effectively.
- Proficiency in drawing at varying distances, optimizing your adaptability in real-world scenarios.

Day 2, led by Donovan Moore from Point 1 Tactics LLC, will center around mastering the three fundamental pillars of shooting: Grip, Sights, and Trigger. Through meticulously designed drills, you will be challenged to refine your skills in specific areas such as movement, target transitions, depth adjustments, target prioritization, and shot placement analysis.

On Day 3, our focus will shift to an aggressive training approach aimed at achieving MSP Blackbelt Standards and P1T Elite Standards. Through rigorous drills and exercises, you will fortify your expertise and explore advanced topics, including movement principles. The day will culminate with thrilling drills and friendly competitions to further elevate your performance.

To participate in this exceptional program, please ensure that you come prepared with the following equipment:
- A slide mounted red dot pistol.
- The capacity to carry three magazines (one in the gun, two in pouches).
- A high-quality holster of your choice (excluding Serpas and old leather holsters).
- 1,000 rounds of reliable ammunition.
- Eye and ear protection.
- A Sharpie marker.
- An open mind ready to absorb and apply cutting-edge techniques.

Class Time: 8:30 am to 5 pm 

Range: Lebanon City Police Range located at 1905 S. Indianapolis Ave., Lebanon, IN 46052

Range Fee- donations appreciated

Refunds are only available if the class is canceled by MSP. If students cannot attend, they can receive credit for a future class by notifying info@modernsamuraiproject.com 30 days prior to the class start date. Class credit is valid for one transfer only and expires after one year.