SPECIAL 1-Day AIWB + 2-Day Red Dot Pistol Course / Defender Ranch / Twin Falls, ID / October 22-24, 2024

SPECIAL 1-Day AIWB + 2-Day Red Dot Pistol Course / Defender Ranch / Twin Falls, ID / October 22-24, 2024

Scott "Jedi" Jedlinski

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Cost includes an onsite personal cabin and meal accommodations 

**Day 1: Mastering Appendix Carry**Uncover the unparalleled efficiency and ergonomic advantages of Appendix Inside-the-Waistband (AIWB) carry over other concealed carry methods. Explore the intricate nuances of holster concerns and customization, alongside expert guidance on clothing selection. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the draw sequence, from seamlessly clearing garments to achieving a secure firing grip and executing a smooth presentation. Engage in purposeful drills meticulously designed to boost your performance and facilitate self-diagnosis.

**Day 2: Red Dot Optics for Peak Performance**Dive into the ever-growing popularity of red dot optics on pistols for carry purposes. Acquire the essential skills to zero your red dot sight, ensuring precise shots at varying distances. Master the art of the draw technique and develop the ability to acquire the dot swiftly and consistently. Recognize the significance of backup irons and enhance your proficiency in close-quarters engagements as well as long-range shooting. Embrace speed as the epitome of efficient movement, adopting the renowned Langdon presentation method and engaging in micro drills for improved speed and accuracy. Discover effective modes of practice, harnessing the power of dry fire and live fire exercises for unparalleled skill development. Put your newfound expertise to the test in a mini match, embracing the benefits of friendly competition.

**Day 3: Pursuit of Excellence - The Black Belt Patch Standards**On the final day, set your sights on the ambitious challenge of earning the prestigious Black Belt Patch. Engage in demanding drills designed to test your speed and accuracy, including the renowned 3 x 2 drill and the Bill Drill, both emphasizing rapid target engagement. Fine-tune your marksmanship at varying distances, aiming for consistent, time-constrained shots. Gain a detailed understanding of the exacting standards and requirements for achieving the Black Belt Patch.

**Required Equipment:**To fully participate in this course and unlock your potential, please ensure you are familiar with shooting a pistol AND the safety requirements. Bring the following equipment:- A reliable modern pistol, preferably equipped with a red dot sight - Kydex AIWB holster with an appropriate ride height for easy and secure access, preferably featuring a claw or wing attachment- A substantial supply of 1000 rounds of reliable ammunition- Concealable magazine pouch(es)- Five magazines- An open mind and a sincere willingness to learn, adapt, and improve

The class will take place from 8:30 am to 5 pm at Defender Ranch  43.1513338,-114.6427742 Twin Falls, Idaho

Refund Policy-

Cost breakdown-$1500 prepaid for lodging and meals / $900 for Jedi training.

Refunds for lodging and food ($1500) are available up to 30-days prior to TD1. 

Training refunds ($900) are only available if the class is canceled by MSP. If students cannot attend, they can receive $900 credit for a future class(es) by notifying info@modernsamuraiproject.com 30 days prior to TD1. Credit expires after one year.